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what if obama actually talks about what’s going on in ferguson



Local police buying up old Russian nuclear warheads to stockpile in case teenager steals pocketbook. Local police hiring retired Nazi mad scientists to design nerveless Frankentroopers to combat illegal food truck scourge. Six Swat teams with grenade launchers brought in to apprehend Central Park…


Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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What white St. Louis thinks about Ferguson
By Julia Ioffe | New Republic

About a 15-minute drive from the Ferguson protest that, by now, feels more like a block party, in the more upscale St. Louis suburb of Olivette, there’s a new strip mall with a barbecue joint and a Starbucks and an e-cigarette store. On a mild Thursday evening in August, people sat around tables, sipping coffee, sipping beer, dabbing barbecue sauce off their fingers.
All of these people were white.
It was a stark contrast to Ferguson, which is two-thirds black. Olivette is almost the exact opposite, at over 60 percent white. St. Louis, and the little hamlets that ring it, is one of the most segregated cities in America, and it shows.
Here in Olivette, the people I spoke to showed little sympathy for Michael Brown, or the protesters.
"It’s bullshit," said one woman, who declined to give her name. When I asked her to clarify what, specifically, was bullshit, she said, "All of it. I don’t even know what they’re fighting for."
"It’s just a lot of misplaced anger," said one teenage boy, echoing his parents. He wasn’t sure where the anger should be, just that there should be no anger at all, and definitely no stealing.
"Our opinion," said the talkative one in a group of six women in their sixties sitting outside the Starbucks, "is the media should just stay out of it because they’re riling themselves up even more."
"The protesters like seeing themselves on TV," her friend added.
"It’s just a small group of people making trouble," said another.
"The kid wasn’t really innocent," chimed in a woman at the other end of the table (they all declined to give their names). "He was struggling with the cop, and he’s got a rap sheet already, so he’s not that innocent." (While the first point is in dispute, the second isn’t: The police have said that Michael Brown had no criminal record.)
If anything, the people here were disdainful and, mostly, scared—of the protesters, and, implicitly, of black people.
"I don’t think it’s about justice for Michael Brown’s family," said the teenage boy. "It’s just an excuse for people to do whatever they want to do."
One man I talked to, a stay-at-home dad who is a landlord to three black tenants and one white one in Ferguson (“my black tenants would never do that,” he clarified) was more sympathetic to Brown and also had the sense that the police had overdone it a bit. But he was scared of the protests. I told him that the protest that day was entirely peaceful, festive almost. “You know,” he said. “I have a wife and three children, and if something were to happen to me, that would be very bad.”
As for the protests, well, they weren’t about justice; they were just an excuse. “People are just taking the opportunity to satisfy their desire for junk,” said one woman, knowingly. As if black people, the lust for theft encoded in their DNA, are just barely kept in line by authority.
"When they kill each other, we never hear about it," one of the Starbucks women said. This, she meant, was a good thing. "When it’s black-on-black violence, we never hear about it."
I asked why she thought that was.
"Because, basically, they hate whites!" her friend chimed in. "Prejudice, reverse prejudice. Prejudice goes both ways."
The others signalled their agreement.
"It’s not Ferguson people. It’s a lot of outside people coming in."
This was a sore subject with several of the people I spoke to. A major problem with the protests—and they very clearly did not mean the militarized police response to the protests—was that they were tarnishing St. Louis’s image as a nice place.
"I’m embarrassed to say I’m from St. Louis," the "bullshit" woman grumbled.
"Me, too," said her friend. "I don’t tell people I’m from St. Louis anymore."
"This is not representative of St. Louis," said one of the older women, back at Starbucks. "St. Louis is a good place. And Ferguson is a very good place."
"We have never had anything like this in St. Louis!" her friend exclaimed, flustered, as if trying to clear the city’s good name. "Ever!"
As the women grew uncomfortable, one of them hit on a way to fight back.
"Where are you from?" she asked me.
"Washington," I said.
"Well," she said, satisfied. "You people have trouble too sometimes."
And they all laughed.


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Well here is some context dick head. Stop defending Mike Brown and attacking the police. The police don't need attacked because that "kid" already did that. He is a straight up thug who could have potentially killed a police officer because he was trying to steal his gun. Now before you go off on a social justice rant, please redirect your dumbass over to the video on my blog of Mike Brown stealing cigars and throwing the clerk into a wall. Have a great day



Uhm. Wow. Where do I even start?

Let’s begin by saying that you have a lot more research to do before you can even THINK about using that excuse to justify your thinly-veiled racist mindset. Your anger at me is proof enough that you have no idea what’s actually going on. So let me bring you up to speed:

Ferguson police chief publicly announces that Mike Brown shooting not related to supposed robbery. The officer who shot Brown, Darren Wilson, didn’t even know that Brown was a suspect in that case. He shot Brown when he and a friend refused to move out of the street, because apparently, their presence there was “blocking traffic.”

So the convenience store thing is a really absurd fucking argument. Even the Missouri Governor states Ferguson PD released video with intentions to besmirch Mike Brown.

This should go without saying, but vaguely intimidating photos of you do not give the police carte blanche to gun you down, and we no longer live in a country where it is OK to sentence black men to death for the crime of petty theft.

Many people don’t even believe that it was Mike Brown in the video footage released by the Ferguson PD, and, in an official statement released by the clerk of the store in question, none of their employees even dialed 911 on the suspect. They didn’t feel threatened enough by the person in the footage to even call the cops.

Furthermore, in a court of law, even if it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mike Brown was the suspect in the convenience story footage, the footage could not, under any circumstance, be used as any means of justification for killing him

“If this police officer were on trial, let’s say for homicide, he would not be able to bring in evidence of what happened in the store and try to assail Michael Brown’s character and suggest he acted a certain way during the encounter,” said Ezekiel Edwards, director of the criminal law reform project at the American Civil Liberties Union. “Whether it was shoplifting, whether he pushed the store clerk, whatever, they shouldn’t be able to bring that in to bolster their defense.”

I can go on and on and on. 

But the important part here is that you apparently think that petty theft and shoving someone justifies a cop pumping 7 rounds into them as they flee, unarmed. Imagine if that’s how law enforcement reacted every time someone committed a petty crime. Police would be slaughtering thousands of people in the street on any given day, and you, apparently, would feel perfectly okay with that. 

It also need to be made clear that this officer was in NO PERSONAL DANGER WHATSOEVER. I keep hearing people say that Mike Brown was going for this cops gun when there are dozens of eye witness accounts that state Mike was ON HIS KNEES, SEVERAL FEET FROM WILSON WITH HIS HANDS IN THE AIR. The only physical struggle that took place was when the cop slammed his car door into Brown and grabbed Brown’s throat trying to choke him.

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i want be her and be on her.

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Karl Blechen (German, 1798 - 1840) Sunset at Sea, 1820s-30s

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